the latest vibes of seoul


A Korean bar & dining in Chatswood  delivering the latest flavours and vibes of Seoul.

Discover the latest vibes of Seoul.

Sunday Seoul is a newly opened Korean Casual Bar & Dining place in Chatswood delivering the latest flavours and vibes of Seoul. Unique dishes with an extensive Korean drinks list. The perfect destination for date nights, casual gathering with friends and colleagues.

An extensive Korean Drink List

Start your night sipping highballs with a Korean twist. We have an extensive drink menu with a selection of Korean craft beers, premium sojus, unique highballs and the wine list.

Seoul Newtro Vibes

We wanted to create the place where people can experience the newtro (a portmanteau of “new” and “retro”)  vibes of Seoul.  

Unique dishes with real flavours of Seoul

Korean food is not all about Bibimbap and K-BBQ! We serves creative recipes using fresh, familiar ingredients and also trendy right now in Seoul.



Our Menu

Get Relax. Eat.


Minari pancake with dried shrimp

spicy tomato mussel stew - 36.00

Cooked live mussel and squid in housemade spicy tomato based soup

Clam & prawn stew - 33.00

Cooked clams and prawns soup

Homemade cheese hamburg steak - 29.00

Homemade hamburg steak, cheese w grilled vegetable and rice

Wagyu Chili Mapo Tofu - 28.00

Chili mapo tofu topped w sliced wagyu beef and coriander

Pad Thai w Sweet&spicy chicken - 28.00

Pad thai w Korean sweet&spicy fried chicken

Squid Pancake - 26.00

Squid pancake w leak

Skewered Oden w cooked live mussel - 38.00

Skewered oden soup w cooked live mussel

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